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This offering is provided in reliance of Section 201(a) of the JOBS Act, Rule 506c of Regulation D. Accordingly, the sale of digital assets to US investors on this site is strictly limited to accredited investors only and reasonable steps shall be taken to verify the investors status as an Accredited investor. Learn more about accredited investor status on the click here.

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Fractional ownership can diversify your portfolio

Fractional ownership offers the advantages of being able to deploy limited resources across a greater variety of real estate opportunities. Bricks allows investors to harness the power of blockchain technology and purchase tokenized shares of many different real estate development projects in the real world. Trading non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are tied to real world assets (RWAs) is made as simple as possible when using the Bricks Exchange. Make deals and settle transactions instantly onto the Ethereum blockchain.


Control your investment horizon

With instant liquidity and 24/7 market access, you can sell whenever is right for you. Come and go as you wish but if you are planning on staying for a while, we invite you to yield farm staked tokenized assets with Bricks. When you lock up BRX non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Bricks, you potentially could increase overall gains and get paid out via airdrop to an Ethereum address.


Choose from a variety of Tokenized RWAs

Invest in everything from core value-add strategies to high-yielding credit facilities that are backed by income producing properties. Portfolio diversification can help spread risk across different asset types while possibly blunting the effects of an under preformers within your portfolio. Conversely, Tokenized Real-World Assets (RWAs) can increase exposure to better performing assets as well. We are building unique investment tools for you that can put institutional grade asset management at your finger tips all without the institutional grade fee.


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Unparalleled transparency will be the hallmark of the Bricks Exchange and our Deal Rooms. Be informed before you buy. Get all of the answers to your property specific questions. Your journey with us can start today.

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There are three types of BRX tokens:

1.) Utility Asset Tokens (UAT) – _This is the base BRX token and is a utility on the Bricks platform. Ownership of this asset is for facilitating various activities within the portal and is not tied to anything of value except for providing discounts and VIP access to services and opportunities in the app. It is NOT intended as an investment vehicle.

2.) Hard Asset Tokens (HAT) – _This is the BRXe (Equity) and BRXd (debt). Tokenized ownership of the physical asset itself. This equates to things such as home-equity, mortgages, and securities. HAT tokens can be created as a means of refinance for mortgage purposes, joint venture partnerships, crowdfunding or the tokenization of the equity ownership of a given property.

3.) Synthetic Asset Tokens (SAT) – BRXo (Derivative Options) Tokenized derivatives that are valued based on their pairing to individual hard assets, futures contract or a group of the same. Though they are not representing ownership of the asset itself, their value may be analogized to a portfolio of real estate owned, controlled, or otherwise encumbered and pledged by entities partnering on the Bricks platform. Thus, these assets may be investable, insurable and tradable throughout the Bricks ecosystem.

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